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  • Learn About Laser Hair Removal Procedures Offered by LaserAway in San Ysidro

    LaserAway: A Growing Practice
    Since laser hair removal technology first emerged a few years ago, consumers have been saying goodbye to razor burn and unwanted stubble. From celebrities to common folks, LaserAway has served a wide array of clients who were excited to invest in this new technology and have been highly pleased with the results it offers. In fact, this huge influx of laser hair removal enthusiasts has helped LaserAway expand to twelve locations throughout California including San Ysidro,  and has even paved the way for the opening of a brand new location in Scottsdale, Arizona. Laser Hair Removal is growing in numbers and technology on a continuing basis.

    Learn the Basics About Laser Hair Removal
    For those who have never undergone a laser hair removal procedure, the actual process may be foreign and a bit intimidating. However, the procedure is virtually pain free and offers unmatched results for patients who wish to remove unwanted hair. For individuals who are forced to shave on a daily basis or experience unwanted hair in undesirable locations, laser hair removal can free clients from their burden and increase self esteem. Essentially, this process consists of utilizing an invisible beam of light that produces heat in order to penetrate the hair follicle. Hair follicles are then disabled and destroyed, while surrounding skin is protected from these harsh effects. Since this procedures targets hair follicles by finding the melanin, it is able to remove hair for a longer period of time than other methods (like waxing, electrolysis, and shaving) can.

    Treatment Expectations
    As with any other cosmetic treatment or procedure, there are always risks involved for the client and results may vary. In order to protect patients to the fullest, goggles are provided to shield the eyes from the laser throughout the duration of the procedure. A topical anesthetic may also be used to minimize discomfort. Though the procedure may vary from mere minutes to hours, side effects that include swelling and redness should be brief. Avoiding direct sun exposure after the procedure is recommended, as skin is vulnerable and sensitive.

    Contact LaserAway
    Clients who are interested in laser hair removal in San Ysidro can contact LaserAway via the contact form found at or call 888-403-9233. Various procedures are offered at each of the twelve locations, so skilled staff are available to help with any clientele questions.

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