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  • Look and Feel Like Royalty in Valencia

    Valencia, California is a planned community in California located adjacent to Interstate 5. It is home to a number of notable sports stars and celebrities – Taylor Lautner, Ashley Tisdale, Naya Rivera and Shane Vereen – with an estimated median household income well over six figures. Valencia provides sanctuary for both the famous and affluent alike, but there are plenty of options to live like a king of Valencia that don’t include having a king’s bank account.

    Many people face the ongoing struggle of ridding their bodies of unwanted body hair, and many people do not investigate the option to have their hair removed through state-of-the-art methods like laser hair removal for fear the procedure will cost too much. Thankfully, laser hair removal does not cost as much as one might think. Laser hair removal treatments at a doctor’s office can be quite expensive, which is probably why most people can be anxious about using laser hair removal, but a medical spa like LaserAway in nearby Sherman Oaks will prove to be a fraction of the cost with superior technology and service.

    LaserAway offers twelve different locations throughout California with multiple laser skincare treatments, including laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal. Every LaserAway facility is equipped with only the best technology and the most professional, California-licensed medical staff in a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

    Laser hair removal isn’t just for the celebrities and wealthy anymore, whether you’re in Valencia or elsewhere in California. LaserAway offers a number of discounts and packages as well as a free, no-obligation consultation no matter so you know what you’re getting and can feel confident it is the best. LaserAway was recently voted the Best Laser Hair Removal Med Spa, and with good reason – LaserAway is the best.

    So, whether you’re in Valencia or nearby Sherman Oaks, visit LaserAway and live the hair-free life of a celebrity on your terms.

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