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  • Model Musings: Gisele Bundchen

    Monday normally isn’t the brightest of days, even if the sun shines bright. We’re sluggish, still thinking of our weekend and when the warmth of the sun is around, our mind normally wanders out to the beach or some stellar outdoor activity. We present you with Model Musings every single Monday…with Gisele Bundchen as our first! Not only will our bloggers here at Laser Away feature the fittest gals that strut and pose, but surely will go on a hunt for things like the model’s beauty tips and the products they love to top ten facts and inspiration photo boards….

    Gisele has been photographed numerous times—on the runway, in a photo studio, on the catwalk, you name it. Even when she’s busy being married and raising a family, her look is electrifying! Here’s some of our favorite tips from our Brazilian Beauty Queen:

    Make-Up accentuates the positive of your face. If you like your eyes and don’t like your lips, accentuate your eyes and put a light color on the lips to focus attention on the eyes.

    Be happy, it’s noticeable in the face! Smile and enjoy life…

    Beach soccer and beach volleyball, to strengthen the entire body.

    Use nutrition, exercise and motivation in your everyday diet!

    Jogging on the beach or gym, to burn fat.

    Weights lifting and machines, to work on specific muscle groups.

    Stretch and flex for around 15 minutes each day (before and after exercise).

    What procedures or treatments do you think Gisele has had done?! 

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