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  • Model Musings: Jerry Hall

    Jerry Hall shot by Norman Parkinson.

    Jerry Hall was one of the sexiest female models in the 70’s—Rock legend Mick Jagger was one lucky man to have this beauty icon around his arm for several years. For this edition of Model Musings, we found some insightful quotes from a woman that’s maintained her beauty and poise for several years. What’s her secret to keeping young, you ask? Get inspired by some of our favorite Jerry Hall quotes about staying BEAUTIFUL:

    “My big beauty secret is meditation. You repeat a mantra to yourself over and over with the aim to calm your mind. But it’s more rejuvenating and revitalizing than sleeping, so I do it for 20 minutes, twice a day.”

    “I think I’m very lucky I have good hair. It’s very low maintenance – I never use hairspray or any products. I only wash it once a week and go for a trim every so often. I use Philip Kingsley conditioner and shampoo – and I color it myself, with ammonia-free dye that I get from the health food store.”

    “… And I think being in love makes a woman look really beautiful. Nothing beats that.”

    “I use Simple make-up remover and skin cream made from fish collagen.”

    “As for fashion, it’s not cool to look too fashionable. I always stick to the same classic look – elegant and fitted lines that are kinda sexy.”

     “I’ve never liked going to the gym, but I do keep active. And I don’t drink much. That’s the big thing. Alcohol really messes up your life.”

    Which one was your favorite?

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