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  • More Men Opting for Laser Hair Removal

    Hairy skin and bodies doesn’t seem to be on trend in the fashion world at the moment. Both men and women are depicted in magazines and in movies as being almost hairless, so it’s not surprising that the majority of people in the U.S. remove unwanted hair in one way or another. For men, hairy backs are a no-no, while overly hairy chests, arms and stomachs aren’t always considered aesthetically pleasing by everyone. For those who stick with their natural state, more power to you! In the population that removes hair, more and more men in the La Cresenta area and elsewhere are starting to opt for laser hair removal.

    How It Works

    The reason laser hair removal works so well is that it directly affects a hair follicle’s reproductive capacity. Take plucking and waxing, for instance; they pull the hair out at the root. That’s wonderful, for a time. But, the hair follicle remains in perfect working condition. It just creates another hair. Lasers set their sights on the pigment in hair, focusing light heat onto the hair, which sends the heat energy down into the follicle itself. The result is permanent hair growth reduction, and smooth skin in La Cresenta.

    It Does Have Its Quirks

    Laser hair removal isn’t perfect; it does have it’s foibles. For example, it typically doesn’t work on lighter colored hair, such as blonde, white, gray or red. Why? Because it targets pigment, and the darker the pigment the more it will attract the laser. Men who have darker hair will have better results. Additionally, the laser is only effective at stopping hair growth if your hair is in the growth phase. Doctors mitigate this phenomenon by staggering your sessions, making sure they are spread out enough to target everything at the right time.

    The Results Last a Long Time

    Let’s face it; generally speaking, men aren’t the most hygienically-wired creatures on the planet, and they often prefer putting in a minimum amount of effort to achieve a goal(think: training the dog to get a beer from the fridge). When it comes to body hair and body image, though, they can be just as interested in looking good as women. That’s why laser hair removal in La Cresenta is so appealing. After a few sessions, the hair doesn’t grow back! Good-bye shaving every other day, or covering up when you can’t. Hello long-lasting, hair-free skin!


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