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    8 Winter Activities That Are a Complete Blast

    When you think of fun activities, summer probably comes to mind. But winter has its own unique kinds of fun. We run down 8 ways of having a great time and staying fit as the cold and snow sets in.

    12 Proven Tricks for Sexy, Winter-Proof Hair

    3 Potent Health Boosters You Can Find Right on Your Spice Rack

    You don’t need to go scurrying to the drug store for cough syrup and aspirin when cold and flu season arrives. Let your spice rack be your medicine chest. We tell you what you can find there that’ll help you beat the toughest winter bug.

    9 Proven Tips for Breaking up with a Guy Gently

    A horrible experience any way you slice it, a breakup can send you and your soon-to-be former boyfriend into a real emotional tailspin. But these 9 tips can help you — and him — pull out of that spin before either of you crash.

    7 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

    Otherwise known as seasonal depression, the holiday blues may leave you feeling more tired, anxious, and changeable than usual. When the blues set in, these six simple lifestyle adjustments can lighten your mood.

    12 Ways to Re-Center After a Stressful Workday

    Work can be stressful. There are deadlines to meet and occasional conflict to resolve. That’s why it’s important to practice some self-care when your workday ends. We share with you 12 sure-fire tips for recovering from a bad day at work.

    10 Tips for Looking Fabulous in Those Inevitable Holiday Photos

    You’ll probably be asked to pose for tons of photos with family and friends this holiday season. And many photos may end up on social media sites. This means you must look your best. Here’s how to give great face in holiday pics.

    4 DIY Remedies for Common Winter Skin Problems

    Winter can make your skin than usual. Rather than relying on conventional lotions and creams, which are filled with chemicals and petroleum products that dry out your skin even more, make use of DIY remedies for redness and dryness.

    8 Romantic Ways of Spending the Holidays with Your Boyfriend

    Though the holidays are here and that means lots of family time, it’s not too late to plan quality time alone with your boyfriend by doing one of these eight romantic and fun activities

    6 Snap Judgments a Hiring Team Makes About Your Appearance

    No matter what, you’re always being judged according to how you look, especially when it comes to the workplace. Fair or not, these are six things a hiring team notices when sizing you up as a job candidate

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