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    5 Eye Makeup Trends for 2017

    In 2017, the eyes have it. Here are five ways everyone who’s anyone will be doing up her peepers in the new year

    6 Guilt-Free Cocktails That Go Great with Thanksgiving Dinner

    Come Thanksgiving you’ll be looking to cut calories wherever you can. But you don’t want to cut the holiday fun. Here are six low-cal cocktails that complement turkey, stuffing, and sides.

    5 Thanksgiving Dishes You Didn’t Know Were Superfoods

    Thanksgiving shouldn’t have you saying “No thanks” when dishes are passed to you. Here are five superfood Thanksgiving dishes that will spare your figure.

    5 DIY Shaving Cream Formulas to Keep You Nick-Free

    Fellas, nix the nicks, go all-natural, and save money to boot with these five soothing and effective shaving cream formulas you can make at home:

    How Botox Can Help You Transition into a New Career

    The secret weapon of every professional interested in a career change, Botox reduces the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead furrows, and other signs of age, giving you the confidence to forge ahead without fear of age discrimination.

    How Laser Hair Removal Can Give You the Confidence to Jump Back in the Dating Scene

    When it comes to the tricky world of dating, laser hair removal helps you to look your best so you’ll be confident enough to act your best in the presence of attractive, promising single women.

    Does He Want a Relationship or Just Sex? Here Are 7 Ways You Can Tell

    Hitting it off with a new guy doesn’t necessarily mean he’s looking for long-term love. Here are seven ways you can tell whether he wants you for a girlfriend or just a good time:


    3 Lunch Break Workouts That Deliver Results

    Want to get in better shape, but you think you don’t have the time? Here are three lunch break workouts that will keep you fit and trim:
    1. Thigh Exercise

    3 All-Natural DIY Concealers That Really Work

    Most store-bought concealers contain artificial ingredients that can irritate and age your skin. Luckily, making your own all natural concealer is easier than you think. Ditch the conventional stuff, and instead try out these three all-natural concealer recipes that really

    7 Foods That Boost Testosterone

    A male hormone that is responsible for sex drive, bone and muscle health, and sperm production, testosterone is something you lose as you age. To keep its levels high, make sure you eat plenty of these seven testosterone-boosting foods:

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