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  • Patience is a Virtue that Pays Off: Laser Hair Removal is Worth the Wait

    Patience is a learned virtue, one that takes hard work to fully achieve. Sometimes it’s easier to be patient when you know the payoff will be worth it, and thinking about your reward can help you get through the wait. Laser hair removal’s effects take some time — sometimes several months and sessions, depending on the area of hair you want removed — but once you have hair-free skin, you don’t have to worry about it growing back. Your days of worrying about unsightly hair are over.

    The Quick Fix

    Duct tape and aspirin have their uses, but if all they do is offer a “band-aid” solution that is temporary at best, it’s generally a good idea to fix the source of the issue. In the case of hair growth, shaving, waxing and plucking are easy to do at home in San Ramon and offer results immediately. However, hair grows back. Within a few days you’re back at it, trying to tame your hair. With laser hair removal, the results last for years. Laser hair removal in San Ramon gives you freedom from worrying about shaving your bikini area or getting red bumps in areas where you don’t need red bumps.

    About the Process

    The laser hair removal process in San Ramon or elsewhere is fairly simple, although the technology is high-tech. Several different types of lasers are on the market today, each with the goal of targeting pigmented hair. The laser’s light creates heat. When this heat hits a hair shaft, the entire hair and its follicle become hot enough to disrupt the follicle’s regenerative abilities. In other words, when a laser hits the hair, the follicle is damaged in a way that prevents hair from growing back. Hair must be in the growth phase for the laser to work, however, which is one of the reasons laser hair removal takes some time to work.

    Several Sessions Later…

    When you head to your San Ramon laser hair removal consultation, say at a highly reputable place like LaserAway, your consultation will include an estimation of how many sessions it will take to get rid of the hair in the area you select. Size of the area and thickness of the hair are factors that affect how long the process takes. You can expect to see 10 to 25 percent hair reduction with each session, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Your doctor will recommend several sessions, staggered over the course of a few months in order to hit all the hair while it’s in its growth phase. For more information about laser hair removal in the San Ramon/San Francisco area, contact LaserAway at 415-563-7300, or visit them at 1878 Union St. San Francisco.


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