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  • Permanent Hair Removal

    Permanent hair removal can be accomplished with lasers. Other methods of hair removal provide temporary, short term results. Shaving and waxing are uncomfortable and must be done very frequently to maintain smooth skin. Laser hair removal, by contrast, provides long lasting smooth skin.

    Laser hair removal works by damaging the growth center of each hair with heat energy. Other than a mild tingling, the procedure is nearly painless. The skin is cooled during the treatment to minimize irritation and discomfort. Afterwards, the hair will not grow back for an indefinite period of time. After a few treatments, the hair may never come back. Many clients never have to shave or wax again!

    Laser hair removal is an excellent option in Southern California where people enjoy active, outdoor lifestyles and skin-bearing clothes. Permanent hair removal means no more embarrassing body hair and no stubble. It means going to the beach at a moment’s notice. Most importantly, laser hair removal gives clients the ability to do as they wish without ever worrying about unwanted hair again.

    It is common for both men and women to undergo laser hair removal procedures. For men, the procedure works well on back hair and chest hair. For women, laser treatments eliminate hair on the face, underarms, bikini line, and legs.

    Laser hair removal is safe and effective. Shaving cuts the hairs at skin level, which allows them to regrow in a matter of hours for some people. Waxing pulls hairs out painfully and the results can be inconsistent if not all the hairs were removed. The hair grows back in a few weeks and the process has to be done again. Laser hair removal puts an end to all that.

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