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  • Permanently Remove Hair

    Who doesn’t want to permanently remove unwanted body hair? If you find yourself spending more time in the bathroom tweezing, shaving and waxing, then something more permanent like laser hair removal might be the answer you need. Laser hair removal uses the most advanced technology to safely and almost permanently remove hair at its root, giving weeks of hair-free skin razors and waxes only dream of.

    Laser hair removal is so safe; it is even FDA-approved for long-lasting results. A highly-skilled and trained technician operates the laser to effectively remove unwanted body hair, which may take as little as one or two sessions. Larger areas of hair require more sessions, and each session is typically scheduled six to eight weeks apart. It’s important to talk with a laser hair removal specialist to find out if you are a candidate for laser treatment and to learn how long it will take to almost-permanently remove hair from the area you want treated.

    In California, LaserAway has built an incredible reputation for providing only the best and safest laser hair removal technology with long-lasting results. With twelve convenient locations throughout the state, LaserAway offers a comfortable and relaxing environment with only the most professional and courteous staff to assist you. LaserAway is equipped with the latest technology to guarantee the smoothest skin possible for longer periods of time. Some people report that laser hair removal does permanently remove hair, but results will vary with each person. Skin and hair type do affect how well laser hair removal works, and your LaserAway specialist can discuss what kind of results you can expect during your free consultation.

    Visit to find the nearest LaserAway center and to schedule your consultation today. Until technology develops more advanced ways to permanently remove hair, you can rely on LaserAway to give you the results you want for a price you can afford.

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