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  • Play Hard Outside in Concord and LaserAway

    Whether you’re playing at Six Flags Waterworld Concord with your family or hiking in one of Concord’s many parks, spending your days outside in Concord goes hand-in-hand with the constant California sunshine. LaserAway in Walnut Creek helps make playing outside in Concord the carefree experience it was always meant to be. No one wants to spend time in the bathroom every day shaving unwanted body hair, wasting precious daylight inside. LaserAway offers state-of-the-art laser hair removal as a solution that will enable you to have more time outdoors than ever before.

    Laser hair removal is FDA-approved to provide the longest-lasting hair removal results in the industry. Some clients even report permanent removal of hair after just a few short sessions of laser hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal utilizes a high-powered beam of light and heat to penetrate the root of the hair, dissolving the hair follicle. It can take a few treatments to completely rid the area of the unwanted body hair, but laser hair removal breaks the razor and wax chains that bound you to your bathroom daily.

    LaserAway is an award-winning, laser skincare facility located in nearby Walnut Creek, California. LaserAway utilizes only the most advanced technology available to completely obliterate unwanted facial and body hair. Plus, LaserAway’s highly-trained, license and professional staff is available to answer all of your questions, provide superior customer service and guide you through the laser hair removal process.

    No one does laser hair removal like LaserAway. Visit LaserAway online at to review discount rates, package options and to schedule your free, first-time customer consultation with a LaserAway specialist. Break the ties that keep you bound to your bathroom every day shaving or waxing, and let LaserAway give you long-lasting hair removal results you deserve.

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