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  • Preparation for Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal, available in San Jose, affects the skin in addition to the hair. Cooling systems are used to minimize the effect of the laser on the skin surrounding the unwanted hairs, but precautions should still be taken to ensure the skin is ready for laser treatment. There are some steps you can take to prepare your skin for successful laser hair removal in San Jose or surrounding Laser Away locations.

    Stay out of the sun for at least two weeks prior to laser hair removal treatment. Having a tan can increase the chance of discoloration of the skin due to exposure to the laser. Blistering can also occur. These affects are not just possible with a real tan. Artificial tanning products can increase these risks as well.

    Do not pluck, wax, or use electrolysis prior to laser hair removal. These methods of hair removal can affect the hair follicles, which are the structures targeted by the laser. If the follicles are disturbed, the laser may not be able to pinpoint the follicles and destroy them. Therefore, laser hair removal will not be successful.

    Shaving prior to laser hair removal is acceptable because shaving does not affect the hair follicle or hair shaft. Shaving simply cuts the hair at the skin surface. The laser is still able to target the hair follicle and destroy it. In fact, some studies have shown that the results of laser hair removal in San Jose are enhanced by shaving beforehand.

    In addition to these precautionary steps, your laser hair removal professional will have a consultation with you about your medical history and your expectations of the results. Laser hair removal does not work on every type of hair. Fine, light-colored hair is nearly impossible to remove with a laser. Dark, thick hair is better able to absorb the laser energy.

    Prior to having laser hair removal performed at our San Jose location, you should not apply your own topical anesthetic. The technician will apply it for you, if it is necessary. Many people can tolerate the sensation without any anesthetic. Cooling systems are also used to decrease discomfort and cool gel may be applied to the skin.

    The person administering the laser will place protective goggles over your eyes. During the procedure, the skin may sting as the laser penetrates the skin and destroys the follicles. Afterwards, the skin may be sensitive and red temporarily. Several treatments may be needed to achieve the full results of laser hair removal, available at San Jose Laser Away Tattoo and Hair Removal Experts.



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