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  • Remove Hair Forever – or Close to It – with LaserAway

    Remove unwanted body and facial hair forever – something everyone would love to be able to do. Depending on its location, unwanted body hair can be unsightly, uncomfortable and embarrassing. For many, shaving and waxing have become the norm for removing unwanted body hair, but results are short-lived. Right now, there isn’t a hair removal method that will remove hair forever, but technology is getting close. Laser hair removal is currently the best FDA-approved method to give long-lasting hair removal.

    Laser hair removal is modern technology and skincare at its best. Trained technicians utilize a laser, which is invisible to the naked eye, to pierce the hair follicle and demolish it at its root. The end result is weeks on end of smooth, hair-free skin. While laser hair removal does not remove hair forever, it does produce the best and longest-lasting results money can buy. Laser hair removal is quite cost effective in comparison to the thousands of dollars people spend annually on razors, shaving creams, depilatories, waxes and salon appointments that only give short-term results. Laser hair removal is performed by trained technicians in a doctor’s office or medi-spa environment, and costs may vary depending on who performs the procedure.

    Laser hair removal costs are dependent upon how many sessions are required to remove your unwanted body hair. More sessions may be required for larger areas of hair removal. Sessions are usually scheduled approximately six weeks apart to ensure proper healing and recovery time. Some patients report a little discomfort following laser hair removal treatment, but most find it no more painful than a wax treatment.

    To find out more about laser hair removal, visit your local LaserAway – California’s best in laser skincare aesthetics. LaserAway offers twelve Californian locations for your convenience as well as a free, first-time client consultation. Everyone would love to remove unwanted hair forever, but until that’s possible, LaserAway can give you hair-free results almost forever. Visit to sign up for your consultation and review current hair removal promotions.

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