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  • Sports Shaver? Try Laser Hair Removal

    Many athletes of all levels and types resort to removing hair before matches, meets and races. Some need to remove hair for aesthetic purposes (think: body builders), others need to stay hair-free for performance reasons while others might find hair gets in the way of wounds that need to heal. In any case, hair removal methods work the same; shaving, waxing, depilatory creams and plucking only last temporarily. In addition, they can cause irritation, ingrown hairs and infection.

    Body Builders Bare It All (almost)

    If you need to remove chest, back leg, underarm and arm hair, instead of constantly shaving or waxing (which can leave red bumps and irritation) why not try laser hair removal? Body builders and those competing in modeling contests in La Mesa might find the permanent hair reduction that accompanies laser hair removal less hassle, especially since most areas of the body are exposed.

    Swimmers and Cyclists

    Swimmers often remove hair along the entire body, to help reduce drag and to have a higher sensitivity in the water. Having extremely hairy chests, backs and legs can detract from performance. Cyclists in La Mesa and elsewhere might remove hair on the legs and arms to make cleaning road rash and other injuries easier. Similar to how doctors will remove hair from an area before stitching or operating, removing the hair helps to keep the area cleaner.

    Laser Hair Removal Sweeps Aside the Competition

    When it comes to permanent hair reduction, laser hair removal wins, hands down. The lasers work to target the pigment in each hair, hitting it with a high intensity heat. This heat moves down into the follicle, short-circuiting its wiring so that it cannot produce more hair. Laser hair removal in La Mesa targets more than one hair at a time, eradicating hair from large areas of the body. Results are long lasting, beginning with your first session; according to the American Academy of Dermatology, 10 to 25 percent of hair is reduced after just one laser hair removal session.

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