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  • Sunnyvale Locals Interested in Hair Removal?

    Sunnyvale, California is one of the major cities that makes up the area known as Silicon Valley, which is located in the San Francisco Bay area. As a part of the Silicon Valley, a number of high-tech companies like Yahoo!, Juniper Networks and Fortinet call Sunnyvale home. Sunnyvale also hosts a number of aerospace/defense companies as well as serves as the home to the Onizuka Air Force Station.

    Sunnyvale, much like the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California, enjoys a Mediterranean climate throughout the year. The summers offer visitors to and residents of the area warm, very dry summers with average daytime temperatures in the high 70s. The beautiful California sun and perfect, warm days offers locals and tourists a lot of outdoor options. With a number of parks and many outdoor locales to spend the warm days at, no one wants to waste a minute shaving or waxing so summer clothes can be worn without worry.

    Shaving and waxing are quick, temporary fixes to a long-term problem – body hair. Why use something short-term when longer lasting options are available? Laser hair removal is a safe, FDA approved method for long-term, even sometimes permanent hair removal from the back, face, underarms, bikini area and legs. LaserAway is the leader in laser hair removal in California and offers twelve different locations throughout the state. LaserAway also offers laser tattoo removal, laser scar removal, skin rejuvenation treatments, Botox and more. Visit to review all the various cosmetic and aesthetic procedures available at the LaserAway nearest you.

    It is just fifteen minutes to the San Jose LaserAway facility from Sunnyvale. There is no reason to spend any more time shaving and waxing when a longer lasting solution is so close by and readily available. Visit LaserAway online and schedule your free consultation today.

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