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  • Tell Me The Facts About Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal sees more and more patients each year. Laser hair removal is superior to older methods such as waxing, shaving and plucking and can lead to permanent hair removal. Although the number of people who undergo laser hair removal grows annually there still seems to be more questions than answers and many people are in the dark about what the treatments involve and what actual results they can expect.

    When you go to a laser hair removal clinic a technician or nurse will first evaluate your hair and skin type to determine the results you can realistically expect. Each clinic has unique machines and different machine have different types of lasers that can provide better results for different skin and hair types. It is important to know that not all lasers work equally well. Some machines that use pulsed light lasers can target multiple follicles and can treat larger areas of skin faster. If a clinic you visit says you are not a good candidate, you may want to visit another clinic that may have different lasers and be able to provide different results for your hair and skin type.

    How Effective Is Laser Hair Removal?

    Laser hair removal has about a 90% success rate. A full series of treatments will treat most hair and usually causes the remaining hair to become finer and sparser. The hair does not immediately fall out after treatments but will generally be gone in 1-2 weeks. In an average of 5-6 sessions spaced over the span of several months, patients can see more than a 75% reduction in hair growth. Specific results will depend on each person’s skin and hair type. Some patients achieve results that last for several months or years, while other patients never have to shave again.

    Does It Hurt?

    Patients time and again compare the sensation of the laser to the snap of a rubber band and different machines afford different levels of sensation. Treated areas may appear red or swollen after treatments but this usually subsides in the matter of a few hours to a few days.


    A lot of people worry about the cost of laser hair removal treatments. The cost of laser treatments is proportional to the size of the area you wish to treat. Treating an area like the upper lip or the under arm will cost far less than the treatment of the back or legs. Laser hair removal treatments are not covered by any health insurance plans but many clinics offer attractive financing plans.

    Patients interested in laser hair removal should contact a licensed laser hair removal center or clinic and schedule a consultation. The Internet is a good place to do research but an actual meeting with an expert will provide you with realistic expectations and a better understanding of what can be done for you.



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