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  • The Impact of Hirsutism

    Hirsutism, pronounced hur-soo-tih-zum, is a condition of excess hair growth caused by hormonal factors. This hair is usually dark and coarse, and can contrast with your natural hair color. Typically experienced by women or girls with excessive amounts of androgens – male hormones – in the body, hirsutism can have a negative impact on emotions and self-esteem. Hirsutism is characterized by hair growth in places where men usually grow hair, i.e. on the face, back, chest and belly. Fortunately, laser hair removal salons in Phoenix offer a solution.

    The Hormone Shift

    Both women and men have hormones moving throughout their bodies. Men typically have more testosterone, while women have more estrogen. However, men DO have a small amount of estrogen and women likewise have a small amount of testosterone. All hormones have very specific jobs to perform within the body. Testosterone can trigger hair growth of the face, chest, abdomen, back and pubic region. Certain conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), can affect women, driving their testosterone levels up higher than normal. In these cases, dark hair can grow on the upper lip, chin, chest and back. Though women can shave or pluck these hairs, they always grow back. For women in Phoenix, laser hair removal at Laseraway is an excellent way to permanently reduce hair growth.

    Emotional Baggage

    As a woman in a society that generally wants you to remove body hair anyway, having dark hair grow in the “wrong” places can be stressful. You may end up with a bit of a beard or mustache that is difficult to keep hidden. As a result, many women with hirsutism exhibit more anxiety and higher social fears than those without the condition. You might avoid social gatherings, fear getting close to someone or become stressed out over your appearance. It’s important to seek medical help for conditions like PCOS. Once you have spoken doctor in Phoenix, he or she may recommend a more permanent hair removal procedure, like laser hair removal.

    Freeing Your Mind

    People with dark hair growth are excellent candidates for laser hair removal. Why? Because the lasers target melanin, or color pigment, in your hair. If you have dark hair growing on your chin, the lasers will pass through your skin and hit the hair shafts and follicles, heating them up enough to permanently change their hair growth capabilities. After a few sessions, your hair may never grow back in that area. Imagine waking up and not worrying about hair in the wrong places. Laser hair removal is simple, and incredibly effective. It can free your mind, remove your worry and let you live your life without the need to hide.


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