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  • The Stray Hair

    Imagine heading to the beach where you are relaxing ocean-side, sunning yourself. Suddenly you look down and there are a few dark, stray hairs your razor or wax missed. You take a deep breath. No one will notice. Or will they? The thought of the hairs sticking out like sore thumbs consumes you, and you spend more time worrying about what other people might be seeing than enjoying your time by the ocean.

    The Impromptu Beach Excursion

    Or maybe you’ve had a busy week, and shaving hasn’t been nearly as high on the list as working late on an important project. What if friends or a date calls and asks if you want to head to the beach? You might look down at your legs and panic. How are you going to shave in time, and what if a horrible red rash breaks out because you were hurrying?

    Head Off Hair Growth

    To avoid the stress of shaving every day or turning down ocean-side offers while your hair grows long enough to wax, why not try laser hair removal? Let’s face it; hair removal is a pain (sometimes literally). You spend a good amount of money on razors or waxing as well as the hot water you waste while shaving in the shower. You might even have to plan your activity schedule around when your skin is smooth! Kids and cats are supposed to tell us what to do, not our hair growth.

    Laser Hair Removal to the Rescue

    If you find yourself worrying constantly about your hair growth, be it on your face, back, legs or bikini area, laser hair removal can help. All you have to do is sit back and relax while a high-tech laser targets the pigment or color in your hair, zapping the hair with so much heat it destroys the follicle’s ability to regrow hair. Best of all, and unlike electrolysis, more than one hair can be zapped at once. So larger areas of the body take less time. Three to seven sessions are typically needed to achieve permanent hair reduction, as opposed to the daily or weekly shaving and monthly waxing appointments.

    Great for Anywhere, USA

    Whether you live in Oceanside, California or Arizona, laser hair removal is available. Removing hair has never been easier and more accessible; the laser technology of today makes it safe for even those with darker skin tones to enjoy a hair-free existence.



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