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  • Thermage Thursday Event @LaserAway

    We’re sure we’ll be graced with your presence at one of our LaserAway locations this Thursday evening, September 27th between 5-7pm for an exclusive Thermage Thursday Special! Will it be your first time getting this wonderful, ground-breaking treatment? If so, we’re giving you 30% off, while our amazing team gives you wonderful insight on how Thermage can tighten and smooth all areas of your body. We’ll also have special event pricing on other treatments like Juvaderm, Radiesse and Botox—get there quick, lovers, our VIP Gift Bags will fly right out of our hands and into yours!

    Here are a few fun and enticing facts about Thermage…and its wonders!

    *Stimulates collagen production—it takes your collagen production back 10 years!
    *Acts like non-surgical face life—people will notice you look better but won’t know what you did.
    *No downtime—yes, you can go out that evening!
    *Preventive as well as corrective—having Thermage now prevents the need for drastic procedures later.
    *No needles, knives, injecting or cutting

    Here at LaserAway, we use the maximum number of pulses per area resulting in the most dramatic results. Can’t beat that one! 

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