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  • What A Loyal Customer Has to Say About LaserAway

    One of the things that can be challenging when visiting or moving to a new area is not only finding fun things to do and explore in the area, but also to find the places for practical use too. Significant points of interests are easy to find on a quick internet search of the city, but finding a quality nail salon or reputable spot to have facial hair removed can be a bit more complicated.

    For example, a general search for Berkeley, California brings up several websites devoted to the city itself or a number of businesses in the area, but it won’t tell you necessarily where the locals love to eat or the best places to buy groceries. Practical points of interests are unfortunately not available usually through an internet search. One option to find this kind of useful information is to talk with people in the area, but this can also prove to be tricky if you don’t know anyone.

    One way to find practical points of interests in an area you’re visiting or moving to is to see if a place you like to frequent in your hometown has multiple locations or offers a location in the area you’re visiting or to which you are relocating. For example, many larger chains like Target or Costco offer store locator tools on their website to find the nearest location to where you are or where you are going. However, smaller stores might not have the same option or even a website.

    One of the places I love to frequent in my area is LaserAway. I’ve popped in LaserAway to have a number of laser hair treatments for my face, legs and even my bikini line as well as a photofacial every once in a blue moon when I feel like really treating myself. Laser hair treatments, especially on larger areas like the back or legs, can take several treatments to get the desired results. I was recently finishing up treatments on one of my legs when an unexpected trip came up. I actually was going to be traveling to Berkeley, California and I was worried that my trip would interfere with my laser hair removal schedule. LaserAway is the best in laser hair removal, and I would never go anywhere else.

    I talked with my technician on my last visit before I was scheduled to leave for Berkeley, and she informed me that there were twelve different LaserAway locations throughout the state of California. She directed me to the website,, and I quickly discovered that the LaserAway center in Walnut Creek was within a thirty minute drive from Berkeley. Granted, this is just one example of the places we don’t think of when traveling or relocating, but for me it was important to continue my laser hair removal treatments and I was so happy to find I could.

    The lesson here is that reputable companies will be able to direct you to other reputable companies if they do not have a location where you will be going. Visit their website or talk with a representative like I did with LaserAway, and you will discover a wealth of information available that you may not have been able to find through a standard internet search.

    -Tara G.

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