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  • What Should I Do with Hair Between Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

    Laser hair removal in San Diego can help prevent the constant need to shave, pluck or wax. It uses laser light technology that is calibrated to seek out color pigment, called melanin, in the hair shaft. Once the light reaches the hair shaft, it heats up, sending a discharge of heat down into the hair follicle, rendering it inert as far as regrowing hair is concerned.

    Cycles and Phases

    Though the process is nothing short of amazing, it does require you receive it in several sessions, set a few months apart. Why? Because the hair growth is only reduced if the laser hit it while it was in its growth phase. Since there are two other phases — one where the hair stops growing and becomes dormant and the other the actual shedding of the hair — you will need to stagger your appointments to ensure you hit all the hair in the right cycle.

    Down Time in San Diego

    So in between appointments, if hair does grow in, what do you do? Hair regrowth isn’t uncommon when you are receiving laser hair removal sessions because you don’t know which hairs are in the growth phase. Ones that don’t grow back, it’s safe to assume, were in the growth phase. For those other hairs that come back, shaving is your best option. If you were to pluck or wax, you’d pull the hair out by the root. If the hair isn’t present for your next laser removal appointment in San Diego, it will definitely grow back again in the down time between sessions.

    Protect Skin Between Treatments

    It’s also important to protect your skin in between treatments. Any area that has been treated with a laser should be protected from the sun. Using sunscreen as well as covering up if you are at the San Diego beach are recommended. Tanned skin can also add a level of risk to your next appointment. Since the lasers target melanin, and the sun’s rays cause the skin to release more melanin into the skin layers, the laser can mistake your skin cells for a hair shaft. Burns would result. Chemical tanners can elicit the same effect, so steer clear of those as well. Though you may want to tan your legs now, if you protect your skin your hair-free future is so much brighter.

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