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  • What to do during Winter in Culver City? Laser Hair Removal!

    Though winter doesn’t typically mean snow and blizzards if you live in Culver City, California, you still may need to wear more pants or long sleeves during the cooler months. This is the perfect time to get that laser hair removal you’ve been thinking about. Why? Because avoiding the sun in Culver City before and after a laser hair removal treatment is important. Read on to find out why.

    Lasers are Better than Razors

    Unlike shaving or waxing, laser hair removal gives you a more permanent solution to the ever present unwanted hair problem. Shaving shears the hair off close to the skin, allowing it to grow back in a few days (sometimes into the skin itself causing ingrown hairs). Waxing removes it from the root, allowing you a longer respite of relative hairlessness; you might enjoy four weeks before hair begins to grow in again. Lasers actually hit the follicle itself, deconstructing the hair growth code and preventing regeneration. In short, the hair doesn’t grow back.

    Melanin: The Ultimate Attractant

    Laser hair removal works because the lasers are calibrated to travel through the skin and hit concentrated areas of melanin, which is color pigment. Darker colored hairs attract the laser’s beams, allowing them to heat up the hair and disrupt the growth cycle. The skin also contains melanin, which is in greater abundance when your skin is exposed to the sun. Having a tan makes it more difficult for the lasers to pinpoint hair, leaving you at risk for burns from a Culver City laser hair removal treatment.

    Advanced Laser Technology

    Fortunately, technology has given the laser hair removal industry more advanced lasers that can be calibrated to pass through even dark skin tones to target hair, leaving skin unharmed. If you have dark skin or your skin is easily tanned, be sure to seek a knowledgeable professional, such as those at LaserAway, who have the right laser and understand the adjustments needed to treat your skin tone.

    Get it Done in Winter

    Because sunless tanning and sun exposure can increase the melanin in your skin, its better to get laser hair removal during winter in Culver City. It’s easier to cover up during the cooler months, so you won’t be as tempted to hit the beach. Fashion is also in your favor, as you can wear pants and tights to limit your skin’s sun exposure.


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