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  • What’s Not to Love About Laser Hair Removal?

    With so much suffering in the world, why not focus on the good things in life? Sure, laser hair removal doesn’t strike you as something that should be on the top of your list, but it could definitely make the list. Who wouldn’t love to not have to worry about shaving, waxing or plucking ever again? If you could have smooth legs, a hair-free bikini area or back or be relieved of unsightly hair on your upper lip or chin, wouldn’t you be happy?

    Hair Growth

    For some reason, hair growth anywhere other than your head (for women) and a few select places (mostly for men) is considered taboo or at least unattractive. Without questioning the “why” too much (maybe because long ago, before there was indoor plumbing, more hair meant more lice…who knows!) most of us can safely say we’ve spent considerable time, money and physical effort removing or taming the hair on our bodies. In warm places like Playa Del Ray, California you want the freedom of being able to put on a bathing suit anytime without wondering if your stubble is showing. Laser hair removal takes away the anxiety, letting you live your lifestyle without fear of unseemly hair sticking out of your shirt.

    Why Shaving, Waxing and Plucking are Old News

    Honestly, who has the time anymore? Let’s say you suddenly meet Mr. or Mrs. Right in line at the local coffee shop in Playa Del Ray. He or she is just as in to you, and you agree to go out…in about two hours! You just can’t afford to lose any more time apart. So, you rush home and it takes way too long to pick out the right outfit. You’re just running out the door when you remember that you forgot to shave! It could be your face, your back, your legs or wherever, but forgetting to do that might make you feel self-conscious all night. If your date really is “right,” it shouldn’t matter, but first impressions are important. You should’ve had laser hair removal in Playa Del Ray.

    It’s Easy and Effective

    If you’ve ever fallen over in the shower trying to shave, had your eyes water while tweezing or gritted your teeth in agony while waxing, laser hair removal salons in Playa Del Rey will seem like a vacation. In the hands of an experienced specialist or physician, laser hair removal is safe and effective. Your doctor will specialize your treatment sessions to suit your hair and skin type as well as the area of the body you choose to remove hair. You simply lie there, wearing very cool shades, and let the laser target your hair follicles, disrupting their growth cycle. Lots of work is being done, just not by you.

    You may need just a few treatments, or up to seven to achieve full results. Compared to shaving a few times a week, laser hair removal is a breeze.


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