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  • Where to get bikini hair removal in San Jose

    The best place for laser hair removal in San Jose is Laser Away. Our recently opened office is equipped with state-of-the-art lasers and staffed by highly qualified employees to make your experience safe and comfortable.

    Laser hair removal is an excellent option for anyone with unwanted hair. Women can finally eliminate that unsightly facial hair or say goodbye to shaving by getting hair removed from the underarms and bikini area. Men can get back hair removed and even chest hair if they like the smooth look. Lasers remove hair indefinitely. The results last much longer than shaving and laser removal is much less painful than waxing. Why continue shaving or waxing if you can be assured that laser hair removal is safe, effective, and economical? Our lasers are FDA approved and proven safe.

    Laser hair removal is a high tech procedure that uses a beam of light to target and destroy each hair follicle at the root. It is not dangerous to the skin, and it has no side effects except a slight sting at the time the laser is administered. A topical anesthetic can be applied to the area to be treated, and a cooling device is utilized throughout the procedure to keep the client comfortable.

    The benefits of laser hair removal are clear: less pain, less maintenance, and smooth skin. Laser Away has a number of conveniently located offices throughout California. When you need laser hair removal in San Jose, call 408-248-2929 to set up an appointment.

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