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  • Facial Laser Hair Removal

    Facial hair where you do not want it can be a source of feeling self-conscious and even discomfort. Many men and women are confronted with the annoying issue of dealing with facial hair daily. Men get irritated with their five o’clock shadow and stubbly growth only days or sometimes even hours after shaving. Women often feel the need to remove hair from their upper lip or between their eyebrows almost as constantly as men feel the need to shave.

    Women’s Facial Laser Hair Removal

    Some women naturally grow darker hair on their faces and this can cause them much embarrassment. Hair that appears in places on the face that make women uncomfortable can be awkward to remove and even painful. Certain parts of the face that women would like facial hair removed from:

    Many women choose to tweeze or wax hair off of their face. Tweezing can be an uncomfortable process, since you are plucking individual hairs. This can also be time-consuming, since hair needs to be plucked one by one and women do not want to be too hasty and poke themselves in the face or eye with their tweezers. Gripping hair with the tweezers can also be tricky, since finer hairs sometimes are harder to grab a good hold of, and trying futilely to pull at the same hair can cause follicle irritation. Tweezing also needs to be done fairly often, some women tweeze at least once a day.

    Waxing is another option for removing hair from a woman’s face. This method is almost always found painful or uncomfortable for hair removal. But waxing does not always work on chin hair, which is usually thicker and harder to remove. Also, waxing usually irritates skin enough to cause redness on the area that was waxed, leaving your face looking splotchy and discolored, sometimes for up to several hours.

    These forms of hair removal are also used on upper lip hair sometimes, or some women choose to bleach the hair if they have lighter skin, to make it less noticeable. Most of the time tweezing and waxing is used on the eyebrows, since women tend to groom their eyebrows to help prevent a uni-brow. Hair on other parts of the face is not so easily attended to with these methods, though. Hair on the cheek, chin, or sideburns is usually not as easy to get rid of, since women do not want to have to keep up with the constant hair removal of their entire face. Laser hair removal is an overall quicker method, and after multiple sessions the hair often grows back thinner and could potentially stop growing altogether.

    Men’s Facial Laser Hair Removal

    Men who want to keep a clean, groomed look often have to shave every day. This can be very time consuming as well as harmful to your sensitive facial skin. Men who shave their faces are often confronted with the problems of ingrown hairs, razor burn, and razor bumps – an inflammation of the skin. Since men’s facial hair is usually thick, when it starts to grow back out it can be quite noticeable, giving them a “5 o’clock” shadow and causing discomfort because of the coarseness of the stubble.

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