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  • How to Permanently Remove Hair

    Tweezing, shaving and waxing provide temporary hair removal results, but these methods can be tedious, somewhat painful and very inconvenient to do on a daily or even weekly basis. Fortunately, laser hair removal offers a more permanent hair removal solution, and LaserAway is one of the leaders in laser hair removal.

    LaserAway offers unmatched results and superior results in twelve state-of-the-art locations throughout California. They are the leader in laser skin care and aesthetics, and were recently voted the Best Laser Hair Removal Med Spa. Permanently removing hair through laser hair removal is just one of the many services LaserAway specialists can do. LaserAway offers the most advanced laser hair removal, tattoo removal, skin care and anti-aging procedures available. They also offers full medical spa services, including advanced skin rejuvenation (photofacial), Botox, dermal fillers and skin tightening.

    LaserAway uses the best laser hair removal technology available. LaserAway uses the Cynosure laser, which is the safest and most effective for all skin types. Laser hair removal is both simple and easy. An invisible beam of light and a constant source of heat penetrates the hair follicle, disabling and then destroying it at its root without affecting the surrounding skin. Laser hair removal works on all skin types, but hair that is red or grey in color can be almost impossible to treat. It’s important to talk with a LaserAway specialist to find out if laser hair removal is the right choice for you.

    LaserAway offers a free consultation, which you can sign up for through their website ( or call to schedule. There are a lot of options to temporarily remove unwanted hair, but laser hair removal is the best option when you want to permanently remove hair. Visit LaserAway online and check out all the services they have to offer in your area.

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