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  • Laser Facial Hair Removal

    Facial Laser Hair RemovalLaser facial hair removal is one of the most popular procedures for getting rid of unwanted facial hair, with good reason. The face has sensitive skin that must be treated with care. When it comes to removing hair from the face, other hair removal methods such as repetitive waxing, shaving, bleaching and tweezing may be harsh on delicate facial skin, depending on the level of sensitivity. Ingrown hairs and bumps may also result from such hair removal methods as well. This can be very frustrating for people who simply want to remove embarrassing facial hair.

    Facial Laser Hair Removal As We Get Older

    Perhaps you are noticing facial hair growing in places where there weren’t any before. As women age, the fine and virtually invisible vellus hairs that naturally cover a majority of the face convert into thicker, more pronounced terminal hairs. This also happens to men as well, although hair is likely to thicken more noticeably in places like the nostrils, ears and brows. In today’s society, noticeable facial hair on women is largely unaccepted, even though facial hair is a natural occurrence in most women in the world, as well as men.

    Laser Facial Hair Removal – The Preferred Choice

    Laser Hair Removal On Face

    Typically, laser facial hair removal is done in a series of quick and easy sessions. The treatment can be performed in as little as 10 minutes and can be conveniently scheduled around lunchtime. The procedure is more comfortable than waxing or electrolysis, and hair will not need to be grown out in order to remove it from the face. The treatment targets only the hair follicles beneath the surface of the skin. This makes laser facial hair removal a perfect solution for those with noticeably dark hairs showing from beneath their skin which is commonly referred to as a “five o’clock shadow”. For women, the most popular areas for treatment on the face tend to be the upper lip and full chin area, but many other areas on the face can be treated with little to no downtime.

    Laser Facial Hair Removal For Men & Women

    Laser Facial Hair Removal For MenLaserAway is a first-class laser clinic with facilities located throughout Los Angeles County. Our experienced laser experts are among the best in the industry. All of our laser hair removal treatments are performed in a safe and relaxing spa setting. We are committed to providing the best in laser and beauty treatments to our clients. Call and schedule a free consultation at any one of our convenient locations!

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