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  • Laser Hair Removal Phoenix

    California’s Leader in Laser and Skin Care Esthetics Comes to Phoenix

    LaserAway is opening its doors in Phoenix, Arizona. Laser hair removal and skin care experts, LaserAway has become one of the most popular and trusted names in the laser hair removal industry. Led by Medical Director Dr. Shalini Kapoor, our company recruits and trains only the elite of the medical industry to administer laser and esthetic procedures. In this way, LaserAway is able to provide premier service, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our many clients.

    About Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal in Phoenix or elsewhere involves calibrating a laser’s beam to seek out the color pigment in hair. Once the laser reaches the hair, it heats the shaft and the hair follicle, destroying its ability to regrow the hair. The laser hair removal process has improved over the past decade in leaps and bounds. Previously, only a few types of lasers were available, making it difficult for tanned or darker skinned individuals to experience results without serious risks to their skin. Older lasers couldn’t distinguish between the pigment in skin and hair. Now, a variety of lasers are safely used even on dark skin tones.

    The LaserAway Difference

    Laser hair removal in our Phoenix office is like visiting a spa. Unlike a physician’s office, at LaserAway a tranquil atmosphere greets you as our friendly and knowledgeable staff make you comfortable and show you into your treatment room. In addition, you can choose from a plethora of pampering treatments to improve your looks. Botox injections help relax facial muscles to reduce wrinkles; reverse the signs of sun damage and aging with our photofacial procedure or get an unwanted tattoo removed. You can even take advantage of our body and face contouring services. All of these options are available to you at any LaserAway office.

    High Quality, Not High Cost

    At LaserAway, we work hard to ensure our staff provides the highest quality treatments available today. In addition, we opted to open more offices instead of raising our prices. We provide a free, no obligation consultation to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about laser hair removal or skin care in Phoenix. Simply call 480-948-2929 or visit our website to fill out our online form.

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