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  • Male laser hair removal

    Laser Away specializes in hair removal for men and women. Male laser hair removal is commonly performed on the neck, back, and shoulders. Alternative hair removal methods, like shaving or waxing, are impractical on these areas. Laser hair removal provides smooth results that last indefinitely.

    Male laser hair removal is an attractive option for men who want smooth skin without the maintenance. Shaving and waxing must be done regularly and they can cause uncomfortable skin irritation. These methods are not traditionally marketed to men, though many men face the problem of unwanted body hair.

    Laser hair removal is a safe, practical, and worry-free method of removing back hair, shoulder hair, and neck hair. The procedure is done discreetly at one of Laser Away’s 12 California locations. Once completed, hair will not grow back for an extended period of time and after a few treatments, it may never grow back.

    When hair is removed by laser, an invisible beam of light and constant heat penetrates the hair follicle and destroys it at the root. Because the follicle is destroyed, the hair takes longer to grow back, if it does at all. The laser must be applied to each individual hair. On large areas, like an entire back, the procedure may be broken up into multiple sessions. Smaller areas, like the shoulders, can be done in one session.

    Many patients have described the feeling of laser hair removal as a slight burning. This is normal.A cooling system is used to protect the surrounding skin from the heat of the laser. Numbing cream can also be used.

    Compared to shaving, which has to be done frequently, or waxing, which is very painful, laser hair removal is a simple, nearly painless procedure that provides lasting results. That’s why more and more men choose laser hair removal.

    Laser Away Tattoo & Hair Removal Experts provide male laser hair removal at all of its 12 locations throughout California. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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