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  • Men’s Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal is not something that only women use; this has become a valuable service for men as well! Gone are the days when the only option for men to remove unwanted hair from their face or body was to shave or tweeze. Men’s laser hair removal is a constantly growing trend. Men have started to groom themselves differently and now take more notice of their body hair.


    Many men shave their faces on a daily basis, either because of work, for the sake of their significant others, or for personal reasons. Shaving can be a long and tricky process, the contours of a man’s face can be hard to maneuver with a shaving razor, and oftentimes men accidentally cut themselves, which can lead to an infection – or just a really painful nick! Electric razors and trimmers do not often cut the hair close enough to the face, making it hard to achieve the look and feel of perfectly smooth and hairless skin. Many times hair grows back quickly enough to be evident on a man’s face on the same day he shaved. This is known as the “5 o’clock shadow,” and if a man wishes to maintain his clean appearance throughout the whole day he does not want his facial hair to show up again so soon.

    Men are more often than not starting to groom their eyebrows as well. They do not want their eyebrows to look unkempt, or shaggy, and they do not wish to have a uni-brow. Laser hair removal can help with this as well.

    Men’s Body Laser Hair Removal

    Hair on the face is not the only concern of men. When men want to go shirtless they want to feel confident about their bodies, not just in the sense of them being physically fit, but many men nowadays would like parts of their bodies to be hairless, or at least be less hairy if they have an abundance of hair.

    Excess amounts of hair on the back, chest, stomach and abs can cause men to feel uncomfortable about their bodies, which is why LaserAway not only removes hair from these areas, but even offers a “Man-Scaping” package. This includes hair removal of the full Chest and Abdominal areas, or the Back and Shoulder areas. The laser hair removal Hollywood location also sees a lot of men who work in the film and entertainment industry, they enjoy using our services to get a clean, hairless look on camera to better show off their physique. Some sports players such as swimmers can benefit from this process as well, since their sport requires minimal to no hair on their body.

    Laser Hair Removal Experts

    At LaserAway are staff are thoroughly trained on our top of the line laser hair removal equipment and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We will make you feel at ease before, during, and after your procedure.  The entire process varies depending on what area of your body you are having hair removed from; the time can be as short as several minutes to as long as multiple hours. But the end result is the same – you will achieve the smooth, hair-free skin you desire!


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