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  • Remove the Tattoo & Say Yes to the Dress

    Some women start planning their weddings when they are little girls, and others run off to Las Vegas to elope. Regardless of which category one falls into, there are certain factors many women don’t think of during the wedding planning process.

    Finding the perfect wedding dress tops most bridal to-do lists, but what happens if that perfect wedding dress is backless and doesn’t go with the very colorful and inappropriate shoulder tattoo you got for your eighteenth birthday? For some brides, a tattoo is part of who she is, but for others a wedding might be just the catalyst a bride needs to look into laser tattoo removal.

    The great thing about tattoos in the 21st century is that they are (mostly) no longer permanent. State-of-the-art facilities like LaserAway offer affordable laser tattoo removal treatments that enable brides, grooms and everyone in between to remove a tattoo with little pain or risk of complications.

    After the very tumultuous ending of Kat von D’s engagement to Jesse James, the notorious and beautiful tattoo artist opted to have the tattoo of Jesse James as a child removed at her local LaserAway facility. She moved on with her life and she decided she did not want to move on with that particular tattoo, so through a series of quick and virtually pain-free procedures, LaserAway erased the image from her body. Now Kat von D, like many other newly engaged women who’ve moved on from painful relationships, can hunt for the perfect wedding dress without the worry that her ex-fiancé’s face will be seen on her big day.

    LaserAway offers twelve facilities throughout California and a new facility serving the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Visit LaserAway online to review the many services available, including laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal and schedule your free consultation today.

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