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  • LaserAway’s Body Contouring Treatments

    Video Transcription

    At LaserAway, we offer body contouring. Nothing supersedes diet and fitness, so we want you to be healthy, of course, have a healthy diet, of course, maximize your fitness. But even when you do those things, you might have some stubborn fat or some loose skin or some cellulite you can’t get rid of. That’s where body contouring comes into play.

    So, body contouring can accomplish a couple of different things by different mechanisms of action by using different treatment options. One is Velashape, two, Thermage, three, Coolsculpting. Each works in a different way and each targets a different part of the body. There are two benefits to Velashape. Velashape reduces the appearance of unwanted cellulite and it offers circumferential reduction. Now what that means is it makes the thighs and the buttocks area slightly smaller. The way it works, its mechanism of action, radiofrequency and mechanical massage.

    Thermage is for skin tightening and it’s traditionally used for the face and the neck, but it has phenomenal results in the stomach area and even on the thigh area. So, if you used to be a little heavier, maybe post-baby, and now you’re in much better shape but your skin is a little bit loose, that’s where Thermage comes into play. And lastly, Coolsculpting is for unwanted pockets of fat. It specifically targets areas that you can pinch with two fingers. So, if your overall body is in really good shape, but you have a little pocket you can’t get rid of, that’s where you would want Coolsculpting.

    Let’s talk about timelines. With Velashape, it works the fastest. You’ll get an immediate reduction in the appearance of cellulite, and circumferential reduction may occur in as fast as a few days. Thermage takes longer. After the treatment, you might be a little bit red, it might look a little worse before it looks better, and it can take eight to 12 weeks to see that skin tightening. And Coolsculpting takes the longest. After the treatment, you usually see results in about 12 weeks.

    Now with Velashape, how many treatments do you need? Well, it depends on the extent of your cellulite. If it’s really significant, you’ll need treatments every few weeks. With Thermage, you may only need one treatment ever to tighten that skin, and with Coolsculpting, we typically recommend two treatments. Each treatment will reduce about 25% of the fat within the handpiece.

    When you come to LaserAway for body contouring needs, the beauty of that is that we are aesthetic dermatology professionals. We are meticulous in what we do, and we specifically tailor your routine, your regime, for your specific needs because everyone’s different. So, you may need Velashape, you may need Thermage, you may need Coolsculpting, you may need a combination of all three, but we’re gonna figure that out with your help.

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