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  • Thermage Skin Tightening


    Jessica: Hi, everyone. I’m Jessica Parido. I’m on a show called the Shahs of Sunset, and I’m also a Registered Nurse.

    I’m here today at LaserAway Pasadena to try Thermage for the very first time. I’m going to be treating my stomach and my neck today.

    Throughout the years, I have gained and lost a lot of weight, and it’s caused me to have some excess skin that I’m not 100% comfortable with. So I’m hoping that this treatment will really help with tightening my skin and making me feel more comfortable when I’m in a bikini. Because I still have some excess skin that I want to have tightened, I think Thermage is going to be very good for this purpose.

    The results are long-lasting. However, it takes around three to six months to see the full results. So I’m going to show you, step by step, my results throughout the next few months.

    So follow me, and I’ll show you what it’s all about.

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    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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