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  • Does At Home Laser Hair Removal Work?

    Video Transcription

    Interviewer: Hi I’m here at LaserAway with Dr. Will Kirby, certified dermatologist, and he had agreed to answer some of my questions about at-home laser hair removal. Hi, Dr. Kirby. How are you?

    Dr. Kirby: Hi. Nice to see you.

    Interviewer: So as far as at-home laser hair removal goes, do you feel like it’s safe?

    Dr. Kirby: It’s very safe but…anything is safe. I mean, you can cut your hair at home too, it’s just not effective, that’s the ultimate problem. So if you go into the process wanting to permanently reduce the amount of hair you have, you’re simply not gonna be able to achieve that efficiently with an at-home device.

    Interviewer: So what’s the difference between an at-home device and the devices that you have here at LaserAway?

    Dr. Kirby: Well, very technically speaking and at-home device, if it’s handheld device, the power source is incredibly small. And for laser hair removal to be permanent, the laser light has to penetrate down the follicle of the hair and destroy the bulb, because that’s where hair grows. So if it’s an at-home device, once again, it just simply doesn’t have that power source to get a permanent reduction in hair.

    The devices that we use at LaserAway, they’re the best devices in the world, but they’re large devices. They take a tremendous power source. They’re even difficult to move. It’s significantly more powerful than at-home devices, somewhere on the magnitude of thousands and thousands and thousands of times more powerful.

    Interviewer: So you wouldn’t be able to get the type of devices that you use here at LaserAway for at-home use?

    Dr. Kirby: No, absolutely not. The people ask me all the time, they say “Hey, listen I’m really wealthy, can I purchase a hair device and just keep it at my house for when I want to use it?” And I say “Listen, unless you’re Mariah Carey, that is off the books.” The reason is, it’s gonna be exorbitantly expensive. These devices are well into the six-figure range. They require FDA approval. They require a professional person to use them and they often require a commercial power source within the facility just to operate them.

    So my quick analogy is you can brush your teeth at home and that’s encouraged and that’s important, but if you got a cavity you wouldn’t treat it at home. Same thing here, you can shave your legs but if you want something done professionally, you still have to go to a professional to have it done right.

    Interviewer: So it’s trying to take a shortcut that ultimately is not gonna work.

    Dr. Kirby: If an at-home laser hair removal worked, why wouldn’t everyone just do that? Why would aesthetic dermatologists, like myself, be in business? We wouldn’t, we’d be out of a job. That true powerful effective devices require physician oversight and appropriate clinician usage.

    Interviewer: So what about for people who might feel a little bit embarrassed or a little bit shy about the idea of coming in and having someone else remove hair from areas that might be a little bit more private?

    Dr. Kirby: We put a tremendous amount of emphasis on privacy and my own wife gets her intimate areas treated, my family members, my friends, myself. I have very little body hair area in intimate areas and now I feel comfortable telling you that, but I’ve had our clinicians treat it and at the end of the day when people get treated, they realize that this is what we do and we’re very good at it.

    Interviewer: So this is much more medical than it is anything else?

    Dr. Kirby: I think it’s really important that people understand that aesthetic clinics, like LaserAway, are a true medical facility. Were zoned as a medical facility. We are FDA approved, the devices we use, our clinicians are trained with importance to the state rules and regulations that are very, very strict.

    Interviewer: So what about cost effectiveness because I think probably one of the biggest draws to buying your own at-home device is being concerned about the price of coming into a facility like LaserAway.

    Dr. Kirby: Hair removal, done professionally, is actually extremely affordable these days. That’s one of the misconceptions out there. It’s like if you come in and see our pricing, it’s really, really reasonable. But it’s a whole lot more reasonable than buying something that doesn’t work. That’s a monumental waste of money.

    An at-home device is still expensive, and you might as well just throw that money out of the window of your car while you’re driving on the highway because you’re not gonna get a permanent result. So the amount of money that you spend on razors, shaving creams, Nair, or an at-home device, if you just do hair removal for a couple months, you’ll never have to pay that cost again. So in the scheme of things, hair removal in a professional facility is shockingly affordable. Just do the math and see how much you spend every year on ways to remove your hair and then crunch the numbers and check what it costs to get a permanent result.

    Interviewer: So in the end you may as well put those at-home laser hair removal devices in the same category as razors, as depilatories, as any other at-home system?

    Dr. Kirby: Of course! Yes, my answer unequivocally, is yes. If you do it at home, it’s temporary if you do it in a medical facility, like LaserAway, it’s permanent.

    Interviewer: That’s the only way it will be permanent?

    Dr. Kirby: That’s the only way.

    Interviewer: Well I’m pretty sold at this point.

    Dr. Kirby: Hey listen, if you don’t believe me, try it on your own. And once again, we have no ego about it. We will be here and we do great work.

    Interviewer: That sounds like a confident guarantee.

    Dr. Kirby: Absolutely.

    Interviewer: Thank you so much for your time

    Dr. Kirby: Hey it’s been a pleasure meeting you.

    Interviewer: Me too.

    Dr. Kirby: Hopefully this information helps.

    Interviewer: Yeah, it did very much. Thank you so much.

    Well, there you have it.

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