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  • Do Have Unwanted Facial Hair?

    Video Transcription

    Megan: Hey, guys. I’m Megan. And today I’m here at LaserAway, chatting with Emily Holmes, nurse practitioner, and laser hair removal specialist, all about getting rid of unwanted facial hair. Hey, Emily.

    Emily: Hi. How are you?

    Megan: I’m good.

    Emily: Good.

    Megan: I’m really excited to get hair free. I’ve been having some trouble. But first off, I want to ask you what I’ve always secretly wanted to know.

    Megan: Sure.

    Emily: Is it normal?

    Megan: Oh, absolutely. You know, a lot of it has to do with your ethnic background. So if you have darker skin, you tend to have darker hair, which…the peach fuzz all over your body is also darker.

    Emily: Totally.

    Megan: So women feel that sometimes that’s a problem. But in reality, it’s normal. We all have it. It just happens to be a different color.

    Emily: Okay, so is it ever not normal?

    Megan: It can be. If there’s an underlined hormonal imbalance, we really need to figure out what that is for the hair removal to work the best that it possibly can. So people that have irregular periods, or a disease process called polycystic ovarian syndrome, or maybe just elevated testosterone, those things can effect pretty severely the growth of hair on your face.

    Emily: Okay, so for both types of people, whether you’re kind of just like me, with some unwanted facial hair, maybe you’re Italian. Italian girls, you hear me out there? Or you have one of these more serious conditions. Is laser hair removal on the face a good option for both of us?

    Megan: It’s a great option for both of you. However, if you do have an underlining hormonal imbalance, we really need to figure out what it is. Because if we can treat that along with treating the hair, then you’re going to get a much better result.

    Emily: So how does laser hair removal on the face compare to other things I’ve tried, like waxing, threading, shaving?

    Megan: Well, it’s great because laser hair removal is permanent. It can be permanent, unless you have a major hormonal shift. Like, if you have a baby, or if you start or stop birth control pills. It can absolutely be permanent. Whereas waxing, threading, plucking, those things you’re constantly doing over, and over, and over again.

    Emily: Seriously.

    Megan: So it can become really strenuous actually.

    Emily: It takes up so much time.

    Megan: I know, it’s really hard. And also sometimes it can build…you know, it’s really bad for the skin obviously.

    Emily: Yeah, I’m constantly getting red, and blotchy, and itchy.

    Megan: Pimples.

    Emily: Yeah.

    Megan: Yeah, and it can actually toughen the skin sometimes, too. I’ve seen some people who have perpetually waxed or plucked their eyebrows. And the skin around looks a little bit off. Whereas laser hair removal for any area for the face or any area of the body, it does not affect the skin like that.

    Emily: Okay. Are there any weird side effects? Like, does the hair grow back faster? Does it toughen the skin?

    Megan: What, laser hair removal?

    Emily: Yeah.

    Megan: No, not at all. I mean, all the side effects that I have noticed have been nothing but positive. I think the worst-case scenario is that you get laser bumps, which are very similar to razor bumps. But they’re temporary. They go away. And that’s the worst-case scenario.

    Tends to happen towards the beginning, when the hair is tougher and coarser. But every time you come in, it’s less, and less, and less, and less. You’re going to find yourself forgetting that, “Oh, gosh. Oh, I don’t need to shave. That’s amazing.”

    Emily: That sounds awesome.

    Megan: Or on the face, like, “Wow, I don’t have to carry my tweezers in my car anymore where the best lighting is.”

    Emily: [inaudible 00:03:13].

    Megan: Yeah, exactly.

    Emily: Okay, awesome. Awesome.

    Megan: It gets better and better every time.

    Emily: My skin is pretty sensitive. So I’m just a bit worried about what to expect pain-wise.

    Megan: Have you ever waxed before?

    Emily: Oh, way too often.

    Megan: Okay, so whereas that is a little bit, I would say, kind of torturous…

    Emily: Pretty much sums it up.

    Megan: …yeah, yeah, this is a day at the spa. I mean, honestly, the comparison between the two, this is a walk in the park, it’s so easy. And if it does ever feel uncomfortable to the point of, that’s a little edgy, you’ve got to let us know right away.

    Emily: Okay, because sometimes when I’m in the chair getting threaded, my reaction is a little bit horror moviesque.

    Megan: Yeah, exactly. That’s horrible. I don’t know. I think I’d rather go to the dentist.

    Emily: So I can handle it, right?

    Megan: Oh, yes. You’re going to be fine. You’re going to be like…I can’t wait to see your reaction actually. You’re going to love it.

    Emily: All right. Okay, feeling a little bit more at ease.

    Megan: Good.

    Emily: So give me the scoop. How effective is it?

    Megan: Well, the average person needs about six treatments. And that’s compared to a lifetime of shaving, so it’s pretty amazing. Each time you come in, you’re going to get about a 10% to 15% permanent reduction in your hair growth.

    Emily: Awesome. So it’s like each time it’s getting me closer and closer to being wax-free?

    Megan: Oh, wax-free, hair-free, razor-free.

    Emily: Just free.

    Megan: Free.

    Emily: I love it. Okay, guys. There you have it. Finally a solution to unwanted facial hair. Now, if you want more information like this, don’t forget to go to And make sure to subscribe to their channel to stay in the know. See you soon. Bye-bye.

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