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  • Laser Hair Removal for Darker Skin Tones


    Arantza: Hey you guys, it’s Arantza. Today I’m at LaserAway in Hermosa Beach to get laser hair removal. So today, I’m going to do some detective work because I’ve heard so many different myths about how lasers affect darker skin tones. So follow me inside as I get my treatment, and hopefully after this I’ll make you guys all feel a lot more comfortable about getting laser hair removal with a darker complexion.

    The most I’m feeling now is a slight tingling sensation, but it’s like a one. Every time I come in it’s less and less hair. So it’s been working amazingly for me. I’ve been putting my arms up and down everywhere I go.

    So obviously, this debunks all the myths that laser hair removal does not work on darker skin tones. Now that I don’t have to shave, I have so much more time. I have relaxing showers, and I never have to bring razor blades to the situation. I cannot wait to finish getting my sessions, and now I’m a proud member of Team No Fuzz.

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