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  • Public Service Announcement: Men’s Back Hair

    Video Transcription

    Woman 1: Hey guys.

    Woman 2: Hey dude.

    Woman 3: Hey husband.

    Woman 2: Dad.

    Woman 4: Hey daddy, boyfriend.

    Woman 3: What’s up bros.

    Woman 2: Hey creepy dude that’s always staring at me on Metro.

    Woman 1: We’re here to let you know.

    Woman 4: Women around the world have been talking.

    Woman 3: Enough is enough.

    Woman 2: Enough is enough.

    Woman 3: Let’s be real.

    Woman 4: The back hair needs to go.

    Woman 2: Bye-bye.

    Woman 4: Repeat, the back hair.

    Woman 2: Gone.

    Woman 1: The quickest way to turn a girl off is by having a forest on your back.

    Woman 3: It’s not a good look.

    Woman 2: It’s gross dude.

    Woman 3: It’s never been a good look.

    Woman 2: You know it’s gross.

    Woman 3: It will never be a good look.

    Woman 4: See women see your back hair as…

    Woman 1: Like little spiders and bugs and creepy crawlers.

    Woman 3: Like a a million roach antennas.

    Woman 4: Ugly, fifthly tarantula legs. I mean no offense.

    Woman 3: It’s prickly, it’s pokey.

    Woman 2: Back hair makes sexy time go away.

    Woman 1: I can’t talk about this anymore.

    Woman 2: I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

    Woman 1: You can’t see it.

    Woman 2: But all of us out here in the world.

    Woman 1: We can.

    Woman 4: So like live your life, be who you want to be. Speak your truth, minus the back hair.

    Woman 1: We take care of our hair, return the favor.

    Woman 2: And if you have patches of hair with no logical partner.

    Woman 3: It needs to go.

    Woman 4: And you know what, throw in the neck hair, while we’re at it.

    Woman 3: And if you fall into the hairy ass category.

    Woman 2: It’s time for Laser Hair Removal.

    Woman 4: So just do yourself a favor, laser it.

    Woman 1: It’s cool, they’re like lasers, they’re like little light savers trimming up the dark side of your back hair. Am I speaking your language.

    Woman 3: Run, don’t walk, to your nearest laser away today.

    Woman 1: So now you know what women want.

    Woman 2: Boom.

    Woman 4: Are we good?

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