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  • Beautiful Comedian Arantza comes to LaserAway!

    Video Transcription

    Arantza: Hi. I’m Arantza. Today I’m here to get laser hair removal. I’m so excited because normally I do waxing, and I cannot stand it. Sometimes I get ingrown hairs or other problems, but hopefully with laser all of that will go away. So, come check me out.

    Woman 1: Okay. So, I’m just gonna do a test spot. You’ll feel a little pinch. How’d that feel?

    Arantza: I can’t even feel it.

    Woman 1: Okay, awesome. Where the hair is thicker, it might be a little … You might feel a little pull.

    Arantza: I can’t feel it yet. Just feels like cool breeze. I can barely feel it. When I [inaudible 00:00:42] is when I felt. It’s like a little tingling.

    Woman 1: You’re doing great. You’re almost halfway done.

    Arantza: It’s actually really relaxing.

    Woman 1: All right. That’s one underarm done.

    Arantza: Awesome. Yeah, I can barely feel it. It’s actually really relaxing, so she’s doing a great job, and it’s not a problem.

    Woman 1: That’s it. You’re all done.

    Arantza: Yay! I’m so happy. So, I just got done with my laser treatment. It was incredible. I could barely feel any pain in my underarm, and even below was just very, very low pain, way better than waxing. I’m very happy I decided to come in.
    So, I’ll see you guys later. Thank you so much.

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