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  • Full Leg Laser Hair Removal

    Video Transcription

    Nikia: Hello, my name is Nikia and I’m here at LaserAway, Pasadena. I’m actually here to get my legs laser hair removaled. Is that even a word? Pretty much I’ve been hairy my entire life. I am Italian and Cherokee Indian, I don’t understand. Hopefully I can wear shorts again and not be called, like, hairy beaver or, like, hairy anything. I’m really excited to be hairless! So I’m about to go get my legs lasered right now so if you guys want to follow me and come watch I’ll take you on the journey of laser hair removal.

    Nikia: All right, here we go! It actually amazes me that this doesn’t hurt at all.

    Woman 1: You feel okay so far?

    Nikia: Yeah, it doesn’t even feel like anything is happening. I won’t be hairy! Still no pain yet, nothing at all. Way better than waxing. Waxing hurts. You’d know it if I was in pain. I’d be sitting in the back of the chair, like, “Ugh!” Easy peasy. I’m all done! It was painless and awesome and really fast. So come get lasered. I swear, it’s the best investment ever. Do it.

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