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  • Laser Hair Removal Experience

    Video Transcription

    Gina: Hi everyone, Gina Darling here. And today I’m at LaserAway getting my hair lasered off. I wanted to make this video, because I wanted to show you guys how awesome it is, and plus I always get questions all the time from my friends. The main questions are, how long does it take? Does it hurt, and if it actually works. I think we’ll be doing my underarms, my bikini area and possibly my stomach. So, we’re going to take you inside today and you’re going to see me get my laser and I’m going to answer all your questions. If you guys you’re ready, let’s go. Don’t worry, it’s not scary. These are the patient sunglasses I get to wear. I’m the Terminator. And she’s the pretty laser person here.

    Laser Technician: Hi.

    Gina: We’ll start with my underarms first. So, when you come in you shave and this is basically how fast it can be, watch.

    Laser Technician: Ready?

    Gina: Uh-huh. Barely feel anything. And that’s it. That was less than one minute for underarm. I told you it was quick.

    Laser Technician: Okay, so…

    Gina: Not bad.

    Laser Technician: Do you just feel the cold air flow?

    Gina: Yeah. I love lasering. So we’re all done, that was I think less than five minutes, to be honest. So you guys saw how fast it was and how painless it was. Even if it’s your first time, it’s really not unbearable, you can totally do it. And this is, like I said, my second time here. So, after the first time I got it done, I noticed that my hair was taking a long time to grow back, more than a month, month and a half or so. And even when it did grow back, it was only in small patches and the hair was super, super, thin. So I think after a few more sessions my hair will just stop growing altogether.

    So I hope you guys like the video. I hope I taught you something and I hope this brings you more comfort about getting lasered. You can come to LaserAway, they’ll take care of you and they’re awesome here. And then might catch me here too next time. I’ll see you guys later. Bye.

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