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  • Laser Hair Removal Procedure on the Lower Leg

    Video transcription

    Nicole: Hi, name is Nicole Danver, I’m going to get my lower legs done. I’m really excited because economically it’s a really good choice. Waxing is really expensive and it grows back, although it grows back finer, and you have to keep on doing it and keep on doing it . Shaving is really annoying and I get really bad razor burn so that’s a huge concern for me. So if there’s a solution where I don’t get razor burn, and I don’t have to keep on going back to the waxer and getting the hair pulled out of my body, I obviously want to check that out. Laser hair removal just seems like the solution to hairy girl problems.

    Nicole: …but it does grow back the next day.

    A: Really?

    Nicole: I think I shaved yesterday and its already…

    A: OK, that’s how it was for me as well. I would feel stubble four hours after shaving. After my first treatment it took me like two to three days to feel that stubble.

    Nicole: That’s great.

    A: It’s awesome!

    A: Here we go, what’s your pain level here?

    Nicole: Zero.

    A: Zero, awesome. Once again if its ever higher than a five please let me know, OK?

    Nicole: OK. So different areas are more sensitive, that’s why it might go up?

    A: Exactly, and everyone is different so that’s why I want to have to pain communication.

    Nicole: OK.

    A: So the way hair removal works, it’s attracted to the pigment in your hair follicle. That’s why we have you shave the night before or the day of treatment, and then there’s no waxing, no plucking or threading, only shaving. You can shave as much as you want throughout the procedure, OK? With every treatment, you get at least a 20% hair reduction, and that’s why we recommend at least a pack of eight, that way you can get to the 80-95% hair reduction at the end of it all. We have you come in every six to eight weeks to get treated. What’s the pain level here?

    Nicole: I’m at a five, it is starting to sting a little.

    A: Does this help?

    Nicole: Yes.

    A: Let me know if it’s ever higher than that, OK?

    Nicole: OK, the funny thing is that all hair removal gimmicks are always telling you that its painless. Even if there’s not a lot of pain, it’s still uncomfortable. There’s nothing uncomfortable about this.

    A: And the cool air blowing helps, you can feel the air more than you actually feel the laser itself. What’s the pain level back here?

    Nicole: Zero.

    A: Zero. Once again, let me know if it does get to a five or higher, OK?

    Nicole: OK.

    A: Also, if your skin is a little bit sensitive be careful with like extreme heat or water as well, like saunas and Jacuzzis for the next day or two.

    Nicole: As a religious waxer, I was expecting some sort of pain, because of course you can’t get rid of hair without pain right? I was pleasantly surprised that it really just felt cold air blowing on my skin, and when I did feel a little bit of discomfort, all it took was a little tapping and that pain went away right away. It feels like a good exfoliation, just a little scrub kind of feel, not so much a burning or anything that you would expect from a laser. It was a pleasant experience. I totally recommend laser away to friends because there’s just no excuse not to. It’s worth the investment if you don’t have to go through the pain all the time, and you don’t have to take the time to shave. It’s just a no brainer, why wouldn’t you get rid of the hair in a pain-free manner where you don’t have to torture yourself every day. It’s… I mean come on guys!

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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