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  • Laser Hair Removal Treatment on the Upper Leg

    Video transcription

    Attendant: I’m going to continue with your leg here, okay?

    Nicole: Okay.

    Attendant: And you can relax that leg if you want.

    Nicole: And I actually get ingrowns on my upper legs, too.

    Attendant: You do? Oh, okay. Great. So, it will definitely help. . .

    Nicole: Awesome.

    Attendant: . . . the ingrowns. Yeah. What’s the pain level here, Nicole?

    Nicole: Zero.

    Attendant: Good. Yeah, so this definitely will help with ingrown hairs, and eventually you won’t have to shave as much.

    Nicole: The best part.

    Attendant: Yeah. So it will help with the razor burn. It’ll make the hair thinner, not as coarse.

    Nicole: Whenever you say thinner hair when it comes to body hair to an Italian girl, it’s like music to her ears.

    Attendant: Really? Good. I’m glad. So the way hair removal works, the laser is attracted to the pigment in our follicle. And it kills about, at least, 10% of hairs with each treatment, and that’s because our hair grows in three different cycles. And it’s attracted to the hair that’s actively growing. We recommend, at least, eight treatments. That way you get, at least, 80% hair reduction. And you come in every six weeks for treatment because that’s when the hair cycle changes. And for best results, we recommend the six weeks. And everyone’s different. Someone might need less than eight treatments. Someone might need more than eight treatments, but the average is around eight.

    Nicole: So after eight treatments I pretty much don’t have to shave anymore?

    Attendant: It depends. Hopefully not, but if you do, it’s very random. I shave once every three weeks, and that’s just because I have one or two hairs.

    Nicole: Every three weeks?

    Attendant: Yeah.

    Nicole: Holy moly.

    Attendant: Yeah. And even when I touch my legs, I don’t feel the hair because it’s so thin. The hairs that are left, they’re very, very thin. I’m going to continue on your left leg now. How’s the bikini area feeling, okay?

    Nicole: Yeah.

    Attendant: Okay.

    Nicole: I’m still amazed at how it’s just so easy. I thought I would definitely have to experience a little discomfort in order to get hair removal, but . . .

    Attendant: Yeah, what’s great about our machine, [inaudible 02:56] is that it’s much less painful than waxing as all of our patients have reported.

    Nicole: Oh yeah.

    Attendant: And it saves time and money in the long run. You okay?

    Nicole: Yes.

    Attendant: Turn your leg in toward to me just a little. Thank you.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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