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  • How Laser Hair Removal Works

    Video transcription

    Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment in your hairs, so in
    order for it to work, the hairs need to be dark. We do have measures to
    treat lighter, fine hairs, so we can treat all kinds. All our patients
    tolerate the treatments very well.

    For those that are a little more sensitive, we do have ice packs and
    numbing cream available for them. The common areas that people like to
    treat for women would be the sunset areas, which is the underarm and
    Brazilian, and for men it would be the manscaping, which would be either be
    the chest and stomach or the back and shoulders.

    We can treat all skin types. The first lasers that came out could treat
    really light skins, but we have the most up to date lasers here at
    LaserAway so we can treat all skin types and all skin colors. The
    treatments don’t take very long. It just depends on the areas that we’re
    treating, so the small area would be less than 15 minutes and for larger
    areas it can take up to an hour sometimes.

    After a session, you can go right back to work. Actually a lot of our
    clients come in during their lunch breaks and then they go back to work.
    Laser hair removal is the perfect solution for several things, not only for
    permanent hair removal, but for treatment of razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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