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  • Lower Leg Laser Hair Removal

    Video transcription

    Mikhaila: I’m about to get a laser hair removal session on my lower legs.

    Roberta: Hi, Mikhaila. My name is Roberta. I’m going to be your nurse today. So what areas are we treating today?

    Mikhaila: We’re going to do the lower legs.

    Roberta: Okay, great. You’re already shaven, obviously. And you haven’t had sun exposure within the last ten days?

    Mikhaila: No, I haven’t.

    Roberta: No? Okay, good. No spray tan, like self-tanning products to the area?

    Mikhaila: No, I have not.

    Roberta: Okay, and you’re not on any new medications?

    Mikhaila: No.

    Roberta: And you haven’t taken any antibiotics lately?

    Mikhaila: None.

    Roberta: Okay, perfect. And you’re not pregnant or breastfeeding?

    Mikhaila: No. I’m not.

    Roberta: Okay, great. We can get started.

    Roberta: How did it go?

    Mikhaila: It went great.

    Roberta: Okay, how was the pain?

    Mikhaila: It was mild. It didn’t really feel that bad at all.

    Roberta: Okay.

    Mikhaila: I could barely feel it.

    Roberta: Just make sure that after your treatment you don’t get any sun exposure for the next 48 hours.

    Mikhaila: Okay. Thank you.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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