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  • Mens Laser Hair Removal Treatment for the Neck

    Video transcription

    Bruce: Hi. I’m Bruce. I’m at Laser Away in West Hollywood. I’m here to do hair removal for the back of my neck.

    Technician: Okay, I’m going to start right here, okay? What’s the pain level, if one being no pain, and ten being excruciating pain?

    Bruce: Two, maybe.

    Technician: Two? Okay. If it ever gets higher than a five, will you please let me know? So when we treat the face and neck, we have patients come back every four weeks, because that’s when the hair cycle changes, as compared to the body, it’s every six weeks. You okay?

    Bruce: Yup.

    Technician: We’re almost done with the neck here. How was that?

    Bruce: Fine. It really went well. It was very quick and relatively painless. There was couple of pinches at certain parts of my body, but nothing that wasn’t completely tolerable by my standards, and in most people’s, I think. I definitely recommend laser for hair removable, because of how good the staff was, how well I was taken care of, how nice everybody was.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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