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  • Mens Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Shoulders

    Video transcription

    Bruce: Hi, I’m Bruce I’m here at Laser Away of West Hollywood to get laser hair removal treatment for my shoulders. Just the random hairs that, like small bits of hair on the shoulders on both sides it really just seems a bit on the unbecoming side when you’re shirtless at like the beach or the pool or something like that. So I’d rather do without it.

    Technician: Here we go. So now we’re going to be treating the shoulders. Here we go. Can you do me a favor and rate your pain for me, zero being no pain and ten being excruciating pain?

    Bruce: Right now it’s like a one.

    Technician: One? OK great and if it’s every higher than a five, please let me know OK? OK now just the back of your shoulders. So can you kind of cross your arm like this over your body. Yeah, perfect. This will be faster. That’s it good. And then we’re going to do the other shoulder now OK? Can you please rate your pain for me. Zero being no pain and ten being excruciating pain.

    Bruce: I’d say it’s like a one. Unless you break my heart, it will be a ten.

    Technician: OK and then across your body for me. One more time. Thank you. You, OK? Almost done. OK you are all done.

    Bruce: Alrighty.

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