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  • Underarm Laser Hair Removal Procedure

    Video transcription

    Nicole: Hi. My name is Nicole Danboro [SP] and I’m excited, because I’m getting laser hair removal today. I get five o’clock shadow on my underarms almost two hours after I shave. So I’m getting my underarms done today. I’m a little nervous. I know that there will be minor discomfort involved, but other than that, I’m really just excited to see what it entails and how it’s going to turn out. So I’m not really that nervous, just a little.

    B: So I’m going to be asking you what your pain level is. Zero is no pain, ten is excruciating pain. OK? So I’m going to start here. What’s your pain level?

    Nicole: One or zero.

    B: One out of ten, ten being the highest, how would you rate it?

    Nicole: Zero.

    B: Zero? OK. If it’s ever higher than a five can you please let me know? You’re doing OK here?

    Nicole: Mm-hmm.

    B: OK. Good. This underarm is all done.

    Nicole: That’s it?

    B: Yeah, pretty fast right? Fast and easy.

    Nicole: Oh my gosh.

    B: And painless. So you were saying you got laser ten years ago?

    Nicole: And it hurt. It felt like a rubber band snapping.

    B: Right? Good. OK, that’s it.

    Nicole: If I do experience redness, I can use a hydrocortisone once I get home?

    B: Yeah. We do have hydrocortisone here that we can apply on you.

    Nicole: OK.

    B: Some people get bumpy, and what it is called is pseudofollicular edema. And it’s just edema at the follicle site and that’s completely normal. I get it with my treatments and with some people it lasts an hour or a few minutes. With some people it lasts two or three days.

    Nicole: OK.

    B: But it’s a completely normal reaction. If it gets itchy, you can apply the hydrocortisone and you can take Benadryl at night or Claritin during the day, because Benadryl makes you tired.

    Nicole: [laughs] All right. Well I just finished my first treatment and I was so surprised. I wasn’t uncomfortable and Natalie made it really easy because she explained everything that was going on as it was happening. So it was just kind of like I was at a spa getting a facial. It was very comfortable and relaxed. Quick, painless, and awesome.


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