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  • What to do before a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

    Video Transcription

    Hi, I’m Lauren. And today, I’m gonna take you through five easy steps to prepare for laser hair removal.

    Step one, do your research. It’s your body, so you want to do what’s best for your body. And if you’re doing laser, you want to make sure you have the newest, fanciest lasers on your body. So LaserAway was my choice. Find the nearest LaserAway near you.

    Step two, do not sun tan two weeks before getting laser. Do not sun tan. Do not self-tan. Do not spray tan. Just make sure your body is natural as it is for the best results.

    Step three, no anti-inflammatories can be taken the day of laser, so no Advil, no ibuprofen, no Aleve. And you may be able to take Tylenol. Just consult with a physician before you do so.

    Step four, shave at least two days or one day before you’re getting laser. No plucking or waxing at least two weeks before because you want there to be a hair follicle present so that the laser works.

    Step five, relax. This is it, no more pain of waxing or threading ever again. You get to laser, and then all the hair will go away. So just think positive, happy thoughts.

    Thanks so much for watching my video on how to prepare for laser hair removal. Please check us out on Call them for a free consultation.

    Thanks so much for watching. Please subscribe, and leave a comment below if you have any questions about laser anything. Thanks so much. Bye.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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