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  • Baby Botox Treatment for Frown Lines

    Video transcription

    A: Would you like to do a little bit in the glabella to kind of help relax your frown lines?

    B: Sure.

    A: Okay. Let me have you do the angry face. Okay frown. Well, you don’t have much, you could do very subtle. We’ll do six, just so you can see the effect.

    B: Mm-hmm, okay.

    A: And anytime you want more BOTOX you can come back in two weeks and we can always do a little more.


    A: Baby BOTOX is a more conservative treatment. So usually we would do like 20 units in the glabella, whereas for her, we’re starting off with six. So you will still have expression and you’ll look very natural. So what you are going to do is you’re going to do the angry face and you’re going to hold. Perfect. And I’m just going to inject it directly into the muscle, okay? A little poke. That’s it. And then you’re going to do the angry face again. Feel a little poke. How are you feeling?

    B: Good.

    A: Very nice. And this will be the last poke.

    B: Mm-hmm.

    A: And brow. Little poke. That’s it. That’s your first BOTOX. So post care, you’re going to be upright for the next four hours and you’re going to avoid vigorous exercise for 12. So just don’t do any workouts for today.

    B: Okay.

    A: And you’ll see the full effect in three to ten days.

    B: Okay.

    A: Okay? So let’s say if you want more units and you’re like, “Oh, I have more movement and I want to soften that out a little more,” you can call and make an appointment and you can do a touch-up treatment.

    B: Awesome.

    A: Okay.

    B: Thank you.

    A: You’re welcome.


    B: The treatment went great. I don’t feel it at all. It was just like a few little pokes, and not bad for my first time. It was actually very fast. I expected for it to be maybe a little longer, but it was very, very fast. I can understand now why people have BOTOX parties, because it’s so fast.


    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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