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  • Botox Treatment for Crows Feet

    Video transcription

    Q: Where would you want to get injected?

    A: Primarily my crow’s feet.

    Q: OK.

    A: It’s really, really annoying me.

    Q: OK.

    A: Sometimes I don’t even like smiling too much.

    Q: Smile lines.

    A: In pictures and stuff, because it’s pretty deep.

    Q: OK.

    A: So, especially here.

    Q: You want it softened out?

    A: Yeah.

    Q: Would you like a conservative treatment to kind of see how it feels…

    A: Yeah.

    Q: …because it’s your first time doing some BOTOX, perfect. So, we can
    start you off with doing four units on each side, and usually BOTOX takes
    three to ten days for you to get the results.

    A: OK.

    Q: So you’ll notice less and less movement throughout the days.

    A: OK, but I’m still going to have movement on my forehead, right?

    Q: Yes, because we’re going to concentrate more on the eyes. So BOTOX is very fast. You’re just going to feel a little prick and that’s pretty much it, so it doesn’t really hurt, so you will feel a little more of a prick right here because the muscles are stronger, but everywhere else is very tolerable.

    A: OK.

    Q: OK, so what I’m going to do is, I’m going to clean around the eyes and I’m just going to ask you to contract the muscle, then you’re going to make a big smile. Perfect.

    A: That really felt weird.

    Q: OK, so now relax and I’m going to make a single… I’ll tell you when I’m going to do a poke, OK? Ready, you’ll feel a little poke. How’s that?

    A: That’s not bad.

    Q: Not bad, right? OK, you’re going to do a big smile one more time. OK, now relax again. Relax, relax your smile, and another poke, and that’s it. That’s basically your crow’s feet on this side. OK, same here, big smile. OK, relax, good job. You’re like a pro already. OK, one more smile. OK, relax and poke. That’s it.

    A: That’s it?

    Q: For your crow’s feet.

    B: For a while, the staff at Laser Away has been amazing. [I wrote] the physician assistant was amazing. She explained everything to me, especially because it was my first time. She was very sweet while she was doing it, too, and everyone is so nice. I’m very happy I came here.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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